Hisense Deep Freezer price in Ghana

A deep freezer is an essential appliance in most homes and businesses, especially in countries with tropical climates like Ghana. Hisense is a popular brand that produces high-quality deep freezers that are durable and efficient. In this article, we will explore the Hisense deep freezer price in Ghana and the features and specifications that make it an excellent choice for consumers.


  1. Large Capacity: Hisense deep freezers are available in different capacities, ranging from 100 liters to 400 liters. This means that you can choose a freezer that meets your storage needs, whether you need it for personal or commercial use. The large capacity of Hisense deep freezers makes them suitable for storing a wide range of items, from meat and fish to vegetables and fruits.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Hisense deep freezers are designed to be energy-efficient, which means that they consume less power and help you save on electricity bills. The freezers are equipped with high-quality compressors that ensure efficient cooling and maintain the temperature even in hot weather conditions.
  3. Low Noise: The Hisense deep freezer is built with advanced technology that reduces the noise level. The low noise level makes it an ideal appliance for use in homes and businesses, without causing any disturbance to your activities.
  4. Lock and Key: One of the most significant features of the Hisense deep freezer is the lock and key mechanism. This feature helps to keep your items safe and secure, especially if you have children or pets at home. It also prevents unauthorized access and theft, giving you peace of mind.


  1. Temperature Control: The Hisense deep freezer comes with a temperature control feature that allows you to adjust the temperature according to your needs. The temperature control helps to keep your items fresh and preserve their quality for longer periods.
  2. Defrosting: The Hisense deep freezer has a manual defrosting mechanism that makes it easy to defrost the freezer. The defrosting process helps to remove any ice buildup and maintain the freezer’s efficiency.
  3. Power Consumption: The Hisense deep freezer is designed to consume less power, which means that it is energy efficient. The power consumption ranges from 150 watts to 350 watts, depending on the size of the freezer.


In conclusion, the Hisense deep freezer is an excellent appliance for homes and businesses in Ghana. Its large capacity, energy efficiency, low noise, and lock and key feature make it a reliable and durable choice. The price of the Hisense deep freezer in Ghana ranges from GHS 1,100 to GHS 2,500, depending on the size and features. You can find Hisense deep freezers at authorized dealers and online stores in Ghana.

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