itel A11 price in Ghana

itel A11 is a budget-friendly smartphone that is available in the Ghanaian market. It has become increasingly popular among Ghanaian smartphone users due to its affordability and great features. In this article, we will take a closer look at the itel A11 price in Ghana and its key features.


The itel A11 is a feature-packed smartphone that comes at an affordable price. Some of its most notable features include:

Display: The itel A11 comes with a 4-inch display that has a resolution of 480×800 pixels. The display is bright and clear, making it easy to read text and view images.

Processor: The itel A11 is powered by a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, which is capable of handling multiple tasks without lagging or slowing down.

Storage: The itel A11 comes with 8GB of internal storage, which can be expanded up to 32GB using a microSD card. This is ample storage space for storing apps, photos, videos, and music.

RAM: The itel A11 has 512MB of RAM, which is sufficient for running basic apps and multitasking.

Camera: The itel A11 comes with a 2MP rear camera and a 0.3MP front camera. The rear camera is capable of taking decent photos and videos, while the front camera is suitable for taking selfies and making video calls.

Battery: The itel A11 is powered by a 1500mAh battery, which provides a decent amount of battery life for everyday use.

Connectivity: The itel A11 comes with 3G connectivity, which allows for fast internet browsing and downloading. It also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, making it easy to connect to other devices and networks.


The itel A11 is a budget-friendly smartphone that is priced at around GHS 230 in Ghana. It is a great option for those who want a smartphone with good features but don’t want to break the bank.


Overall, the itel A11 is a great budget-friendly smartphone that offers a lot of features at an affordable price. It is perfect for those who are looking for a basic smartphone that can handle everyday tasks such as browsing the internet, taking photos, and making calls. With its great features and affordable price, it is no surprise that the itel A11 has become a popular choice among Ghanaian smartphone users.

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