Nokia 5310 price in Ghana

Nokia has been a household name in the mobile phone industry for several years. The brand is known for producing durable, reliable, and affordable mobile devices. One of the latest models of Nokia phones is the Nokia 5310. This phone has become increasingly popular in Ghana due to its sleek design, long-lasting battery life, and affordable price. In this article, we will delve into the features and specifications of the Nokia 5310 and explore its current price in Ghana.


The Nokia 5310 has a 2.4-inch QVGA display that provides clear and vivid visuals. The phone also features a sleek design that is easy to hold and carry around. It is available in two different colors, white/red and black/red, allowing users to choose a color that suits their personal style. The phone comes with a built-in MP3 player, which makes it a great device for music lovers. It also features an FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to connect to other devices and listen to their favorite music.


  1. Battery: The Nokia 5310 features a 1200 mAh battery, which provides users with up to 20 hours of talk time and up to 22 days of standby time. This makes the phone an excellent choice for users who need a reliable device that can last for an extended period without needing to be charged.
  2. Storage: The Nokia 5310 comes with 16 MB of internal storage. While this may seem like a small amount, users can expand the storage by up to 32 GB using a microSD card.
  3. Camera: The phone has a VGA camera on the back, allowing users to capture basic photos and videos.
  4. Operating System: The Nokia 5310 runs on Nokia’s Series 30+ operating system, which is a basic operating system designed for feature phones.
  5. Connectivity: The phone supports 2G and 3G networks, allowing users to make calls and send messages. It also features Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it easy to connect to other devices.

Price in Ghana:

The Nokia 5310 is an affordable phone that is currently available in Ghana. The price of the phone varies depending on the retailer, but it typically ranges between GHS 250 to GHS 300. Users can purchase the phone from various retailers, including Jumia Ghana, Franko Trading Enterprise, and Melcom Ghana.


The Nokia 5310 is an excellent choice for users who need a reliable, affordable phone with basic features. Its long battery life and durable design make it an ideal device for users who are always on the go. With its affordable price, the Nokia 5310 is an excellent choice for users in Ghana who are looking for a budget-friendly phone that can meet their basic needs.

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